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Fasting offers

Dear guests,

in Bad Grönenbach Sebastian Kneipp laid an important foundation for his further career. Even then, much emphasis was placed on inner balance, so that mind and body could be healthy. In today's "Kneipp spa", his teachings can be found as the basis of many treatments and applications.

Of course, our internal procedures are adapted to the current situation to ensure maximum safety for our guests and staff. During the Buchinger therapeutic fasting with medical supervision, you will receive an intake and final consultation. Optionally, you can also choose further medical offers such as fascia diaggnostics and treatment, pain therapy, further offers from sports scientists, nutrition specialists and physiotherapists as well as rich wellness offers from the allgäu resort ****S.

We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel.

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Fasting week according to Dr. Buchinger

with Carola Stadermann: medically certified fasting instructor (dfa), personal trainer (A-license), certified hiking guide (sgv) and nutrition coach.

Give life lightness!
Recharge your batteries in nature, have plenty of time for yourself, enjoy a convivial community with laughter and good conversation - a fasting hiking week with fastenfit offers all of this!
For once, it's all about you: fasting gives you confidence, contentment and agility - and it takes off a few superfluous pounds.
Always with tips and tricks from nutritional psychology to ensure your fasting success!

Dates 2022:

12.06.- 18.06.: Fasting according to Dr. Buchinger
03.07.- 09.07.: fasting according to Dr. Buchinger in July
24.07.- 30.07.: Buchinger fasting
23.10.- 29.10.: Autumn fasting according to Dr. Buchinger
30.10.- 05.11.: Fasting according to Dr. Buchinger

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Fasting weeks

with Friederike Carlsson, LAGOM by Carlsson

medically certified fasting instructor (UGB), cert. Health trainer for nutrition (UGB), Nordic Walking Instructor (NWI)

"Not too much and not too little, just right" - that's what Friederike Carlsson, LAGOM by Carlsson stands for - following the origin of the Swedish word lagom. A holistic offer that gives you exactly what your body, mind and soul need: a balanced interaction of fasting, nutrition, exercise and relaxation."

Dates 2022:

10.04. - 16.04.: Hikingfast:  Buchinger fasting or basic fasting during Holy Week
31.07. - 06.08.: Hiking week: metabolism cure or basic fasting in summer
25.09. - 01.10.: Hiking fast: Buchinger fasting or alkaline fasting in autumn
27.11. - 03.12.: Hiking fast: Buchinger fasting or alkaline fasting in Advent

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fasting with

Ute Merk
medically certified fasting instructor (dfa)
Alkaline fasting training(s)
certified hiking guide (VAVÖ)
certified course leader meditation (AGL)
consultant intestinal health (AGL)


Rosemarie Tomandl
certified fasting guide (FI)
Yoga teacher

Fasting means: a journey to yourself, to mindfulness, serenity, more space and time. Come and let us guide and accompany you through your fasting week. Don't be afraid, you won't lose anything - except a few pounds of weight. Instead, you will gain physical and mental health, contentment, energy and a new zest for life!

Dates 2022:

17.07. - 23.07.: Buchinger & Alkaline Fasting
21.08. - 27.08.: Buchinger & Alkaline Fasting
16.10. - 22.10.: Buchinger & Alkaline Fasting

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with Elke Lacombe, medically certified fasting guide (dfa).

"Let me guide you on this journey so you can discover, step by step, the meaning & effects of fasting: Fasting is fabulous!"

Dates 2022:

01.05. - 07.05.: Buchinger hiking fast

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with Michaela Pöhner, diet assistant, DKL, certified nutritional therapist Quetheb e.V., Relaxation educator, specialized advisor for chamfering, UGB, Expertin for ethereal oils, authoress. 

Experience the beneficial effects of fasting in a group of like-minded people.
Feel unused forces and give them new space to unfold.

"Meine besondere Stärke ist es, andere Menschen zu motivieren. Gerne unterstütze ich Sie, wenn Sie einen gesundheitsbewußteren Weg einschlagen möchten. Freude an ausgewogener Ernährung, regelmäßiger Bewegung, aber auch Entspannungspausen gehören für mich zu einem glücklichen Leben. Persönliche Bedürfnissse (wieder) zu erkennen und danach zu handeln, dabei können Ihnen meine Veranstaltungen helfen."                                                                           

Motto: Das Glück Deines Lebens hängt von der Beschaffenheit Deiner Gedanken ab!

Dates 2022:

07.08. - 13.08.: Buchinger hiking fast
14.08. - 20.08.: Buchinger hiking fast

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with Heike Holz

Fasting means for me...
to come closer to yourself and to activate the self-healing powers of body, mind and soul.

 When fasting, we experience again and again the great aha-effect that we feel incredibly fit and well, and that even though we eat almost nothing.To free the body from old burdens and at the same time cleanse mind and soul, that's what you experience during the 7-day fasting in the heart of the northern Allgäu. Fasting is one of the most effective preventive and therapeutic healing methods. Our "Zuvielisation" and the entire abundance make us ill, while chamfering is scientifically proven highly effective and healthy - a regular benefit for body, spirit and soul. In addition to hikes in the summer nature, an exciting detox program (breathing meditations, foot reflexology treatments, etc.) awaits you."  
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