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Our wellness pools

Come in and relax. Slip gently into the water and let yourself be seduced by the scents. Discover the soothing effect of our baths. To ensure your wellbeing is complete, we recommend a rest of approximately 20 minutes after each bath. We use cold-pressed and purely essential oils, which are kinesiologically tested. The high-quality active ingredients of the products are recommended and are also suitable for allergy sufferers and people with especially sensitive skin.

Cleopatra-Bad (30 Min.) 30,00 €
Milk, Salt, Oil and Honey - the new coat for your skin. The expuisite milk care bath calms and cares. Through the new noticeable smoothness you experience a true pleasure for body and soul at the same time.

Allgäu rosmarin bath (30 Min.) 30,00 €
The soothing bath of sweet whey powder and essential rosmary oils pampers, relaxes and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. A special experience for the body and the senses.

Allgäuer lavender whey bath (30 Min.) 30,00 €
The lavender essential oils give the bath a unique fragrance and take you to a dream of wellbeing.

Grönenbacher hay flower bath (30 Min.) 30,00 €
High-quality extracts and essential oils give the hay flower bath its soothing and health-promoting effect. They stimulate blood flow, invigorate, relaxes the muscles and stimulates the metabolism.

„Wish-couple bath“ (50 Min.) 50,00 € (for 2 person)
Create your special "Wish - couple bath"consiting of  two of your favorite single bath togheter,
for example: SHE: cleopatra bath & HE: allgäu lavender whey bath

Have a look at our wellness booklet.