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Massages and body treatments

Our various massages and body treatments reduce stress and give new energy. They bring body, mind and soul into harmony with one another.
Decide for yourself which massage or body treatment is the right one for you and trust fully in the experienced hands of our wellness team.

Aromatic oil massage
Special massage oils with an aroma that has a relaxing effect on your body combine with the tension-relieving, direct impact of the massage on your musculature.

  • Full body treatment (50 Min.) 70,00 €
  • Back treatment (30 Min.) 45,00 €

Atlas-Massage (30 Min.) 45,00 €
You can expect a very special treatment of the head, shoulder, and neck muscles. The atlas massage has a relaxing, blood circulation-promoting effect, releases muscular blocks and has a stabilizing effect.

Hot-Stone-Massage - back treatment (45 Min.) 65,00 €
A holistic massage of a special kind, a fascinating combination of massage and energy treatment. Experience a whole new dimension of deep relaxation.

Classic Massage
The indications of the most well-known form of massage include hardening, tension, spinal syndromes and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
Due to the different grip techniques of the classical massage it comes to local blood circulation increases, loosening of bonds, relaxation of the musculature, pain relief, mental relaxation and reduction of stress.

  • Full body treatment (50 Min.) 70,00 €
  • Back treatment (20 Min.) 25,00 €
  • Back treatment (30 Min.) 40,00 €

Facial massage (20 Min.) 30,00 €
A relaxing massage of the facial muscles. Due to the regenerating, circulation-promoting and decongestant effect, it helps with headaches and tension.

Foot reflexology massage (30 Min.) 45,00 €
This treatment is based on ancient Egyptian and Chinese medical knowledge. It reaches the entire body via the reflex points of the feet. With it, physical blockages are resolved, disorders arranged, the energy flow harmonized and brought into balance.

Manuel lymph drainage

This treatment activates the lymph drainage or drainage of the tissue by certain physiotherapeutic techniques.

  • partial treatment (30 Min.) 40,00 €
  • full body treatment (50 Min.) 60,00 €

Under water massage (20 Min.) 40,00 €
The body lying in warm water is treated with a water pressure jet of a hose. In addition, the entire musculoskeletal system is relieved by the buoyancy of the water. The warmth of the water also has a relaxing effect.

Stangerbath (hydroelectric bath) (20 Min.) 30,00 €
The Stangerbad is considered a highly effective physiotherapeutic application. Electric impulses in warm water exert a specific stimulus on muscles and nerves, which helps to treat chronic or acute complaints.

Under water massage and Stangerbath (40 Min.) 60,00 €

Whole body sea salt scrub for him or her (30 Min.) 40,00 €
The whole body sea salt scrub cleanses the skin of dead skin cells, impurities and the debris of our industrial environment. The skin is prepared for further care and receives a new softness and smoothness.

allgäu-resort „Beauty-Vital“ (100 Min.)
99,00 €
Start with a full-body sea salt oil scrub that cleanses your skin, gives it a silky-smooth feel and prepares you to enjoy the enjoyment and care of the Cleopatra bath. After flooding the Cleopatra bath with an aroma oil massage back treatment, remove it from everyday life.

Body-Balancing-Massage (60 Min.) 70,00 €
Gently supported by warm, fragrant skin care oils, the tension is removed from your muscles. The muscle itself is addressed directly  and the warm oil creates an incredible feel-good and relaxation effect. The Body Balancing application contains a combination of aromatic oil massage back treatment, foot reflex zone treatment and a heat pack.

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