Massages and body treatments

Our various massage and body treatments reduce stress and lead to new energy. They bring body, mind and soul into harmony. Decide for yourself which massage or body treatment is right for you personally and completely trust in the skilled hands of our wellness team.

Please note: The massages include a rest period.

Gentle massages

Aroma oil massage - to feel good
Our traditional oil massage with regional aromatic oils harmonizes body and mind with gentle pressure.

  • full body Treatment 50 min. 70,00 €
  • back treatment 30 min. 45,00

Atlas massage - regeneration 30 min. 50,00 €
You spend a lot of time sitting and are often plagued by head and neck pain? With our sensitive back and neck massage, your muscular blockages will be released and your blood circulation will be stimulated - so that you can start your everyday life regenerated again.

Hot stone massage - pure relaxation 45 min. 65,00 €
A holistic back massage of a special kind. Experience a fascinating combination of warm basalt stones and oil. This application reactivates your body energy through a new dimension of deep relaxation.

Classic massages

Classic massage - new energy
A massage program with a profound effect. The various grip techniques of the classic massage lead to an increase in blood circulation, relaxation of the muscles and reduction of stress.

  • full body treatment 50 min. 85,00 €
  • back treatment 20 min. 35,00 €
  • back treatment 30 min. 50,00 €

Facial massage - clear head 30 min. 50,00 €
Headaches and tension? This gentle and deeply relaxing facial massage will help you with your complaints thanks to its circulation-promoting and regenerating effect.

Foot reflexology massage - stress relief 30 min. 50,00 €
The reflex zone massage of the feet affects the entire body. This treatment is based on ancient Egyptian and Chinese medical knowledge. It releases physical blockages and harmonizes the flow of energy. The body is brought into balance.

Wellness packages

Wellness package "in balance" 50 min. 65,00 €
You want to bring your body and your mind back into balance? Then our full body sea salt peeling in combination with a relaxing bath is the perfect combination. The result is not only inner peace and serenity but also silky soft and remineralized skin.

Our " balsam for the soul " 100 min. 115,00 €
Silky smooth skin. Peace of mind. Well-being effect. This pampering package regenerates your body for fast-paced everyday life. A full-body sea salt peeling, an exquisite milk care bath and a gentle aromatic oil feel-good massage await you.

Relaxation package "come to rest" 60 min. 70,00 €
Come to rest with our combination of an aromatic oil feel-good massage, a foot reflexology massage and a relaxing heat treatment. - An incredible relaxation effect.

Here you can find our wellness brochure.