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Prevention & Health Promotion

A strong partner for a healthy company

All employees of a company, not just executives, are facing high demands today. Life becomes faster, flexibility is a matter of course, the separation of work and private life dissolves - and soon we will have to work longer. Many severely constrained people, whether shiftworkers or board members, unexpectedly reach their limits. The companies have it in their hands to support their employees in coping with these burdens - together with a strong partner.

The VAMED Prevention Center (VPC) sees itself as a partner of companies that want to actively promote the health of their employees. From a one-day check-up to multi-day health coaching - the modular program combines the medical quality of the VAMED clinics with an exclusive ambience.

From  today, June 3, 2019 the Helios Prevention Center presents itself under its new name. Helios becomes VAMED. This is the last step in the integration of the 38 health care facilities.

In July 2018, Fresenius reorganized its divisions: The company, headquartered in Bad Homburg, transferred 17 rehabilitation clinics, three rehabilitation centers, two clinics, eleven care facilities, two tourist facilities and 13 service companies to VAMED and thus pooled the rehab and nursing skills in one business unit.
Like Helios, VAMED is a subsidiary of the healthcare group Fresenius and a leading private rehabilitation provider in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

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