Basilika Ottobeuren
One of the most beautiful German baroque churches – a sublime structure of European rank – is located very close to us. Visit the abbey located there with the beautiful Kaisersaal (emperor’s hall).
(Distance: approximately 15 km/20 min)


convent's museum in Ottobeuren
Note: very restricted opening times during the winter months.
(Distance: approximately 15 km/20 min)

Schwäbisches Bauernhofmuseum in Illerbeuren
Bavaria’s oldest open-air museum
(Distance: approximately 10 km/15 min)

Buxheim Charterhouse in Buxheim
Museum with a lot of information about the charterhouses and their history, with a view into a monk’s cell and the library cell
(Distance: approximately 22 km/20 min)

Allgäu-Museum in Kempten
The Allgäu-Museum is a museum both for the town of Kempten and for the entire region. On five floors, the history and culture of Kempten and the Allgäu is presented.
(Distance: approximately 25 km/20 min)

Sebastian-Kneipp-Museum in Bad Wörishofen
Documentation on the life and work of the founder of the Kneipp theory.
(Distance: approximately 55 km/40 min)


Schloss Bad Grönenbach
The castle was probably built in the 14th century on a large conglomerate rock, whose shape determined the unusual style of the building. Concerts, tours, exhibitions and also renaissance festivals regularly take place in and around the castle.
(Distance: approximately 1.2 km/4 min)

Schloss Kronburg
The beautiful Renaissance castle is enthroned picturesquely on a hill (752 m) over the idyllic Illerwinkel.
(Distance: approximately 9 km/14 min)

Schloss Kirchheim/Schwaben
Johannes Fugger had the castle with more than 100 rooms constructed from 1578 to 1585. The crowning jewel of the castle is the Zedernsaal (cedar hall) with Europe’s most beautiful coffered ceiling. This splendour and beauty was created by Wendel Dietrich, an important artist of the late 16th century.
(Distance: approximately 60 km/50 min)

Schloss Hohenschwangau (Schwangau)
From 1832 to 1836, Crown Prince Maximilian of Bavaria had the derelict Burg Schwanstein reconstructed in a neo-Gothic style. King Ludwig II spent his youth here.
Tip: order your tickets in advance on the internet – you will save yourself long queuing times at the pay desk.
(Distance: approximately 70 km/50 min)

Schloss Neuschwanstein (Schwangau)
THE dream castle of the Bavarian “Fairy Tale King” Ludwig II.
Tip: order your tickets in advance on the internet – you will save yourself long queuing times at the pay desk. For your way back, we recommend the way through the Pöllat gorge. With sturdy footwear, you can go through a beautiful ravine and pass several waterfalls.
(Distance: approximately 70 km/50 min)


Landestheater Schwaben (Memmingen)
The Landestheater Schwaben includes the "Stadttheater Memmingen" and the "Theater am Schweizerberg".
(Distance: approximately 16 km/15 min)

Stadttheater Kempten
The "Stadttheater" can record 400 years of theater tradition - and impresses with its youthful freshness: After extensive refurbishment and expansion in 2007, one of the oldest and most beautiful theaters was reopened
(Distance: approximately 24 km/21 min)

Guided tours

In Memmingen, a large number of guided tours are on offer. There are also special tours for children. 
(Distance: approximately 16 km/15 min)


Zoo in Ulm
Zoo – aquarium – tropical greenhouse in the middle of Ulm's Friedrichsau recreation park. Meanwhile it  is a small, very nice zoo. A visit with the whole family is certainly worth it!
(Distance: approximately 74 km/50 min)

Affenberg in Salem (Bodensee)
Open-air site in which approximately 200 Barbary apes can move about freely. While visitors walk through the site, they can come as close to the animals as the animals allow them to, since there are no bars that separate the animals from the people.
(Distance: approximately 129 km/93 min)